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  • khanpur, CH-ASIF RAZA (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Salaam Every Body
  • QaleechPur Graveard, Chaudary Sufyan Najam (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Sheher Khamosha Khambi
  • Khambi, Mahmood (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    A very large village where my maternal grandfather and his family lived. Only a few families of Awans wheras the majority are Jats and Gujjars. The most famous person of this village was a mystic saint who is now buried there. Mai Jeevni wife of Malik Allah Ditta was also a legendary figure of this village. Another famous person of this village is Malik Yaqub a poet now living in Karachi and popularly known as Nayyar Jhelumi. He was a shagird of Seemab Akbar abadi.
  • Khambi, Gulistan (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    You living in dreamland - those land belongs to the Jats of Khanpur Khamb
  • Choudhry Ghulam Sarwar's Residence, sahibzada mna (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    dear dr. i want 2 c u.send me any cell no.plz my nbr,03009604031
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